Such as depression or anxiety, or you are concerned about someone else, help is available. We offer a variety of counseling services and several mental health resources for students, faculty and staff. If you, or a friend or colleague are feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure of your mental health state, please don’t ignore it. There are steps you can take to help yourself or help others.

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It’s different for different people. You might have a good understanding about likely situations or places that can trigger an attack for you, or you might feel that your attacks come without warning and happen at random.


The symptoms of a phobia involve experiencing intense fear and anxiety when faced with the situation or object that you are afraid of. If your phobia is severe, thinking about the object of your phobia can also trigger these symptoms.


Exploring relaxation can help you look after your well being when you’re feeling stressed or busy. Have a look at these tips and ideas to see how relaxation can fit into your daily life. Don’t worry if some ideas don’t work for you – just enjoy the ones that do.